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At the office
Interview with Thomas Dötsch
General Manager of Fuchshuber

Could you please introduce yourself briefly? Which have been the most important steps in your career? What tasks do you face at Fuchshuber?

Since the very beginning of my career I have been dealing with technically sophisticated products. Working with international partners, mainly in the USA and the far east, I was able to gain extensive experience in this field. During my time as Managing Director at Fritsche I came into contact with fabrics for protective gear made of Aramid and other technical fibers – similar to what we produce at Fuchshuber. As Managing Director at Frenzelit, a manufacturer of fiber-reinforced products, I was responsible for plants in Germany as well as abroad, such as the USA, India, Dubai and the Czech Republic.

Being an engineer with a passionate approach to technology and innovation, Fuchshuber is just the right place for me. With my highly motivated, powerful team I am confident that I can make a difference and set the right course for the future of the company. By developing and maintaining good relations with our business partners I would like to secure and expand our mutual success.

What fascinates you about textiles?

The kind of cooperation between all of the individual partners within the technical textiles industry is very fascinating. Our line of business can only succeed when we act together on equal terms. There is plenty of room and openness for new and innovative solutions. All partners are aware of the fact that the success of each link of the supply chain is dependent on a mutual approach of all of us. This is what makes the textiles industry both challenging and attractive for me.

Where do you see the greatest challenges for the textile industry in Germany?

It is often the case that companies abroad have better conditions than companies in Germany – and I am not only referring to Asia. European regulations should also apply for global supply chains.

And what are the greatest opportunities?

From my point of view, our greatest opportunities lie in the high level of expertise of German textile producers. Fuchshuber stands for reliability and highest quality. Using our innovative strength for our customers is our greatest opportunity and motivation.

What would you like politics to provide by way of framework conditions to enable a small, specialized company in Germany to operate successfully?

Our way of re-using raw materials in cycles without jeopardizing our high standard of performance and quality must be supported by politics. Investments in medium-sized businesses help to defy crises in the long run. We as a company have specific ideas that call for specific support.