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Mr. Bölzle and Mr. von Fritsch
Südwesttextil board re-elects Tara Veit
Tara Veit again chosen for Südwest Textil Association board

Annual General Meeting of Südwesttextil e.V.: Tara Veit confirmed on the board of the employers' association

At the end of June 2022, the annual general meeting of Südwesttextil e.V. took place. As part of this event, the Business and Employers' Association confirmed its President Bodo Th. Bölzle in office.
The Executive Board was also elected for a further term of office and thus until 2023: Board member Tara Veit, Managing Director of Fuchshuber Techno-Tex, is starting her second term of office on this board.
She says: "I am pleased to continue to support the association on the board. Especially the completion of the Texoversum and the start of the training there are close to my heart."


Challenging times for the textile industry

For this year's Annual General Meeting, the Business and Employers' Association met again in presence for the first time since 2019 – and for the first time together with the Fachvereinigung Wirkerei-Strickerei Albstadt e.V. The venue for the meeting was the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, which welcomed member companies and guests from all over Baden-Württemberg to its Albstadt premises. 
In his speech at the opening of the public part of the event, Südwesttextil President Bodo Th. Bölzle underlined the value of personal encounters, which are fortunately possible again after a long virtual time. After all, the industry has enough challenges to overcome: uncertainty is caused by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine as well as the spiral of energy prices and supply uncertainty. "
Our appeal to politicians will therefore always be to make crisis aid available quickly and unbureaucratically and, above all, to ensure security of supply in winter," said Bölzle.
As a further challenge for the industry, the Südwesttextil President named the regulations, especially in the areas of environment and sustainability, as well as the training of specialists.

Current and entertaining supporting programme

The supporting programme of the Annual General Meeting was as high calibre as ever: The former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Russia, Rüdiger von Fritsch, let the audience participate in his many years of diplomatic experience and gave insights into the background of the Ukraine war.
The former ambassador was followed by the expert for brain research and memory training Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad. He entertained and astounded the audience with unimagined memories.
Prof. Manuela Bräuning from the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University closed the event with an overview of the courses and research projects.

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