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ISO 14001 Certificate
Systematic environmental management
Fuchshuber Techno-Tex receives ISO 14001 certification

By the end of 2022, Fuchshuber Techno-Tex reached a milestone in sustainable production: The manufacturer of high-performance knitted fabrics for body protection and technical applications received an ISO 14001 certification. It confirms that the company systematically manages its emissions, its efforts in circular economy and the use of natural resources. "As a regionally rooted and locally producing company, we are well positioned in this area as a matter of principle," says Thomas Dötsch, who has been managing the business at Fuchshuber Techno-Tex since 2023.

Signal to the outside world
The Fuchshuber Managing Director is pleased that this orientation of the company has now also been officially confirmed. Firstly, systematic environmental management helps the company to save costs and remain competitive. Secondly, the certification is a signal to the outside world: "With ISO 14001, we show our partners that we are a stable ally when it comes to sustainability."

Impressive team performance
Dötsch is also proud of his team. "In order to prepare for such a certification, many steps and documentation are required. Colleagues must work on this, on top of their day-to-day business. Especially with a small team, this means a lot of extra work for each and everyone. We mastered this brilliantly and within a very short time."

After certification is before the next milestone
Now it is important to live the systematic environmental management according to ISO 14001. This happens without further ado: Fuchshuber is actively working on its CO2 neutrality, which is an important component in this strategy.