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DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort - flame-retardant protection

DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort brand fibres stand out on account of their inherent, permanent flame-inhibiting properties. Clothing made of DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort will not burn, melt or drip even at extreme temperatures.

Knitwear made of DuPontTM Nomex®Comfort fully satisfies the requirements of EN 11612:2008.

The antistatic fibres contained in the yarn fully eliminate static discharges and sparking. Knitwear made of DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort thus complies with EN 1149-5 / -3.

The clothing flows very finely and lies comfortably against the skin - you could almost call it flattering.

NOMEX Garnituren

We make DuPontTM Nomex® Comfort knitwear in every technologically possible weave combination, with masses per unit area of between 50 g/m2 and 450 g/m2.
We can use the various weave constructions to achieve nuances of appearance, feel, weight and wearer comfort of the knitwear.

We make articles ranging from a fine, light, breathing and insulating quality to warming qualities, and from underwear to outerwear, and - it goes without saying - with maximum wearer comfort.

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